Feminism and Folk, an awesome pairing, just like co-hosts Lucy and Pinky!

Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward is a singer songwriter, BBC Folk Award Winner and activist. Alumni of Glastonbury’s famous LeftField Stage and former Musicians Union representative, she has dedicated her art to stories of change, love and social justice.

‘Powerful and original’ – The Guardian.

‘Inspiring’ – Billy Bragg

“I love my garden, I am a TERRIBLE cook, I have a blackbelt in tae kwon do though haven’t trained for years! I love festivals, dancing, punk music and 60s/70s tunes. If I wasn’t a musician I would be a midwife. My favourite folk song is ‘The Good Old Way’; I remember hearing it sung by GU4 at the Derby Gael Folk Club; it was an epic wall of sound and at the end of it, a woman in the audience piped up and said ‘ooo that were a washing machine for my soul that song!’ I couldn’t agree more”


Lisa Ward

Lisa ‘Pinky’ Ward is CEO of Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre and Lived Experience Consultant at Kings College London. A passionate lover of folk music she has run More Than The Music, a collective of women music writers and photographers for 10 years. She is a seasoned campaigner and tireless advocate for women.

‘Messy and stubborn’, her bunny

“Like Lucy I’m an awful cook (and have been known to leave pans on the hob and walk away from them only to return to charcoal 3 hours later. I play roller derby and am an aspiring triathlete. In the summer you’ll find me in a festival field, and I love uncovering new artists. If I didn’t work in the violence against women and girls sector I’d be a painter/decorator and I also love building flat pack furniture – it’s like lego for grown ups”


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