Our mission is to provide a platform for women’s voices and to further the conversations of both folk and feminism and explore how the two intersect. It’s a platform for showcasing a range of women’s voices, stories and music. We plan for it to be fun and uplifting but also at its core, Thank Folk For Feminism will serve to encourage the folk scene to explore feminist issues and increase the range and diversity of women’s voices within the genre.

Thank Folk For Feminism believes in intersectional feminism, and seeks to create an inclusive platform to ensure the voices of marginalised groups are included such as women of colour, trans women and those who are non-binary, disabled women, and women who may otherwise be excluded based on race, class, age, religion, education or any other experience are included in our conversations.

As white, cis women we recognise that we carry with us many privileges and are working to address our own internalised bias. We welcome feedback when we get things wrong, and also welcome contact from those in marginalised groups so that we can help amplify your voices.

Pinky and Lucy

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